November Leadership Institute

In mid-November ECEBC’s 2010/2011 group of Leadership Initiative participants met for their second Leadership Institute. During the three and a half days the groups representing nine communities of leadership innovation reconnected and shared their own personal community experiences. The participants engaged in many activities and presentations. Some of the highlights are outlined below.

Media workshop
Bill Tieleman and Stu McNish hosted a presentation on media training. This workshop taught the participants the importance of framing their message and staying on key topics. Although this experience was quite different from what ECEs are familiar with there were a number of lessons to take away from this kind of learning.

Women’s Leadership Panel
Our panelists were Meriko Kubota, manager of grants and community initiatives at The Vancouver Foundation, Denise Marshall, chair of ECEBC and an ECE at Porcupine Pals at UNBC, and Susan Harney, chair of the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC. They spent the afternoon describing their journeys in leadership. They talked about their struggles and accomplishments. These inspiring stories supported the journey that the participants are on now.

An Integrated System of Early Care and Learning in BC
participants were given the opportunity to hear the briefing about ECEBC’s and the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC’s emerging plan for a new system. Afterwards they reflected on the new understanding of how different styles of leadership had been used to get this plan to the stage it is at now.

Community Showcase
At a public event, each leadership group showcased the work they have been doing within their own community. Their displays used a variety of methods to share these stories. Many invited guests from all sectors came and were impressed with the work and education the participants showed through their displays and presentations.

Participants’ evaluations once again indicate that the Leadership Initiative and the Leadership Institutes continue to develop a new emerging ECE culture of leadership.

Quotes from participants, include:
“We learned that we had skills, knowledge, and information within us that we were not aware of.”
“We found a new partnership and respect towards our work from our local School District.”
“I am finding an increasing confidence in myself and my role within the community.”
“We have recently realized that this is perhaps a life-long process. We are just at the beginning our advocacy work.”
“People are feeling connected, and they are excited about the opportunities open to them.”

The group will meet again at the May 2011 conference where they will share their projects and experiences with the early childhood education community.


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